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Dance classes
Private - At Home

Available at home and at school:
Children, Adults and Families

Rather than great dancers, we have selected great teachers capable of delivering patience and pedagogy in each class so that you meet your objectives, whether it is learning from scratch, perfecting a few steps or going from trunk to top in a short time.

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Clase de danza moderna

Anyone offers you:
Classes tailored to you while "saving time and money."
Know the risks of hiring classes with strangers or on ad pages

Don't settle, you deserve more than that!

At Tu Baile we invest in the tranquility of our students, we promote customer service and we deliver effective training with visible results , in addition to our unique seal of flexible hours and adaptability to any level or speed of learning.

Superior Service: For Best Results

Customer Service Line:

Dedicated to taking care of the fulfillment of your expectations and offering you solutions.

Follow-up to the Student Process:

We care about knowing about the progress of your classes and how we can improve.

Checking Results:

You can record videos of your progress and witness the result achieved.

Uniformed and Identified Personnel:

Show of pride and professionalism in the service we deliver.

For your safety and peace of mind

Firma de contrato de Papel


Support the quality and compliance of all your classes on 100% of your investment.

apretón de manos


More than 200 clients and 800 students served in 2018 would recommend us.

Sala de monitoreo


From your resume, experience, references and background for total security.

How do you feel today? Y
Where do you want to go?

In the Inmunda:

I would not dare to dance in public even if they pay me.

Like a log:

Let me dance reggaeton or electronically because I can't go any further.

There casual:

I dance to him one song or another, but first give me a drink.

I defend myself:

I dance to him with everything, even without a drink, but I don't know all of them either.

Like a Top:

Put on music, I'll dance to the national anthem.

Class types: According to objective and group size

Personalized and Family Classes

Learn to dance for real, or burn calories dancing.
From one to six people.

Group and Business Classes

Learn to dance, take an active break or exercise by dancing.
From six people onwards.

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