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Mixing and Editing of Choreography Tracks

The perfect dance needs the perfect song

We know that a good choreography depends to a great extent on the quality of the musical track on which it is executed, and as dance specialists we take care of every detail so that each sound is consistent with the musical times, steps and movements that our choreographers propose.

¿No saben qué bailar en su matrimonio o quinces ?

No están solos, muchas familias y parejas nos piden ayuda para elegir y editar las las canciones que van a bailar en su matrimonio o fiesta de quinces, en nuestro blog les dejamos algunas ideas de ritmos y canciones.

How do we achieve the best results?


We inquire about your preferences, expectations and the emotions you want to convey


We select from your list of songs the most suitable for your message and compatible with each other


We make the necessary cuts and adjustments to each song to get the best of them


We organize the sequence of songs on a track and adjust its transitions or mix


We export the track in MP3 or WAV format so that it can be played on any device

Frequent questions
When should the track be mixed for my choreography?

We recommend doing the editing and mixing of your track before starting the assembly of the choreography with your instructor, that way you ensure that from day one all learning revolves around your final sample.

How long does it take to mix and edit my track?

This 5-step process: Consulting, selection, editing, mixing and recording, can take between one and four hours depending on how complex the mix is ​​and how difficult it is to make the choice of songs.


Where is this service provided?

This service can be performed in person at our main office in Bogotá, at home (additional cost), or by video call from Google. For services provided in person at the office or at home, the same cancellation policy for our dance classes will apply.

What else should I keep in mind about mixing?

The final track will only be delivered to students once they have paid 100% of their plan or the total value of the editing service if it were independent. Once the work session is finished and the track has been recorded, it will not be possible to make changes or modifications that involve changing songs, making new cuts or modifying the transition and mixing effects. Any finished recording is a final product and modifications to it will have to be priced according to the complexity of the requested change.

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