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About us?

We are the platform that connects the best of dance so that whether you are learning to dance, attending an event, watching a show or starring in a choreography, you feel why
Dancing goes with you.


We were born in 2018 as "Pass 2 Dance" the result of 2 years of successfully promoting classes, shows and events from The Bogota Salsa Tour (2016) adding 9 years of experience in the industry.


Facilitate the relationship that people have with dance, delivering quality training, selected events, products and classes that respond to the needs of the student through careful selection processes and quality customer service.


In 2025 will be the brand with the greatest remembrance in the 5 main cities of Colombia to find dance classes, events and shows of dancers. We will be generators of formal employment and recognized promoters of Colombian dances.

Puños en solidaridad

Manual de Ética Empresarial

El objetivo del presente Manual de Ética empresarial es brindar una guía de seguimiento y control de las responsabilidades, valores y comportamientos que deben tener los clientes y colaboradores de Esto con la finalidad de crear un sistema holístico de ética en donde todos los involucrados actúan de forma respetuosa e integra.

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Ética Emresarial
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