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Pareja Bachata Sensual

Rhythm or Style:


Ganadores de múltiples títulos nacionales en Bachata Sensual con y sin acrobacia.

Show Name:

About the Show

Show Duration

  • 25 Minutos

It includes

Dos Salidas (Canciones) tipo competencia y una integración con el público tipo concurso o baile social.

Does not include

  • Transporte a locaciones remotas.

  • Hidratación o gastos de alimentación.

  • Tiempo adicional o salidas extra

  • Premio para concurso

To keep in mind

  • Se prefiere escenario en piso diferente a cemento.

Frequent questions

What technical elements are required for a show?

It is always recommended to contemplate: Amplification of sound with a cable (input line) type plug for cell phone or computer. Also have enough lighting to appreciate the show. Stage or colored lights will be a plus. It is recommended to avoid lights type STROBER or with very fast changes.

How much space is required for a Show?

On average, each couple or solo dancer on stage requires a space of 4m in front by 3m in depth. Shows with acrobatics at a height of 4m, although most choreographies can adjust their acrobatics at floor level in case they do not have a high ceiling.

How long in advance should I book a show?

Ideally a week in advance which will ensure a greater variety of artists available, however at Tu Baile we can manage and secure your show in a very short time according to the volume of work.

How to book and pay for a show?

In Tu Baile you can pay and reserve the services by means of bank deposit, credit and debit cards, payments in ballot and cash (PayU) or in cash by appointment. The reservation is confirmed with a 30% payment and the remaining 70% is paid on the day of the show.

They trust us

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